Tabaxi 5e D&D (5th Edition)

Importance of Tabaxi 5E (Fifth Edition): The feline-humanoids of fictional race is referred to Tabaxi (which described in Dungeons & Dragons 5E – Fifth edition of fantasy role-playing game).  The resemblance in Jaguars or humanoid leopards which are reclusive people dwelling or primitive in jungles. They are sometimes controlled by evil versions or giant called Tabaxi Lords. as well as you can know D&D 5e Player’s Handbook PDF

Although they are referred to as cat-people or catfolk. Tabaxi is distinct from folk which is described in Races of the Wild and Miniatures Handbook. Please do not confuse Chult tribes who worship the Ubtao god with dark-skinned human also known as Tabaxi.

Tabaxi 5e D&D

Hailing from the distant and strange land the D&D wandering Tabaxi’s are referred to as Catlike humanoids. Their curiosity-driven over world’s wonders on lay eyes, also gathering tales and stories and collecting the interesting artefacts. The Tabaxi will rarely stay in a particular place for a long period of time. The innate nature will leave these characters uncovered and without losing their legends or treasure.

Physical Description of Tabaxi 5E

Tabaxi is like humans and taller at six or seven feet in height. They have slender bodies and covered with striped or in spotted fur. Similar to felines, Tabaxi has retractable claws and long tails. D&D 5e Players Handbook PDF

The colour of Tabaxi ranges from brownish red to yellow. The eyes of Tabaxi were slit-pupilled and usually yellow or green. They are speed runners, competent swimmers and as well as climbers. They had an acute smell sense and balanced good sense.

Depending upon the fur colouration and their region, Tabaxi were referred by different names. Solid Spots Tabaxi is called as Leopard men and Rosette spots as Jaguar men.

They resemble graceful, lithe, athletic human similar to Jaguar or leopard with head and tail. During the combat, their primary weapons are claws and sharp teeth.

Tabaxi Personality:

Tabaxi personality refers that they are reclusive people and do not prefer to communicate with any other intelligent races. Each and every Tabaxi will request a specific feline trait or some of them had an innate curiosity to gain new knowledge and experiences, artefacts, seek out some stories, and compel them for travel. They do not wish to stay in the same or particular plan and also the same piece of lore can be obsessed for too long time.

By default, the D&D Player’s Handbook 5E (Fifth Edition) describes that Tabaxi races never ever care about the Wealth, but almost show an obsessive interest in Magic items, relics, and ancient artefacts. But they do not prefer those items for themselves, instead of the secrets and many stories they held. Tabaxi will pass on the item or if they quickly lose interest on any item if it loses its allure, secret revealed, or thoroughly studied and examined.

The Curiosity was not motivated for all the Tabaxi tribes to leave their homeland. However, some of them would prefer to find a safer way to fleet obsession satisfaction by becoming tinkers and travelling minstrels. Some of them accept the service payment to receive interesting stories and objects.

Tabaxi Traits

Please find below the lists of Dungeons & Dragons 5E (Fifth Edition) Tabaxi traits that can describe its movable speed, size, types of languages they write or speak, more details about age, and other information, etc.

Speed – The base walking speed will be 30 feet.

Tabaxi Size – Tabaxi are like humans and taller at six or seven feet height with slender bodies. By default, they are Medium in size.

Languages – They have the ability to write, read and speak all common 5e languages. Additional they knew one language which is especially for these creators with their personal choice.

Feline Agility – They can move with a burst of speed with the help of agility and reflexes which proves that they are the root cause for this move. They have the feature to use the double speed when you reached the end turn or in combat turn. You can use this trait only once and cannot be able to use it until your turns can move with 0 feet.

Darkvision – Even in dark, you have a very special sense and also a cat’s keen senses. Exactly from 60 feet height, dim light can be viewed as bright light and darkness can be viewed as dim conditions with the use of cat’s keen senses. Only grey shades can be seen and other colours cannot be available in darkness.

Cat’s Talent – They have proficiency in Perception and Stealth skills.

Cat’s Claws – 20 feet is the base climbing speed and this is because of using their claws. Additionally, the natural weapons are the claws and make unarmed strikes with the help of these weapons. This weapon’s advantage is, your slashing damage deal will be hit with 1d4 and also added to your Strength modifier. Instead of bludgeoning damage, you can normally use the unarmed strike.

Alignment – The Tabaxi tend towards the chaotic alignments and very rarely aligned as evil.

Age – Tabaxi and humans have their similar lifespan. Humans have lifespan equivalent to Tabaxi.

Ability Score Increase – The Dexterity score will be incremented by 2 and also the Charisma score will be incremented by 1.

With the use of above-mentioned benefits, the Tabaxi player or the Tabaxi fighter can easily beat their opponents.

Tabaxi Names

Each Tabaxi could be referred by a single name, it could be either Tabaxi miniatures, Tabaxi rogue, Tabaxi warlock, or Tabaxi ranger. Those names are described and classified based on clan or any complex formula which includes esoteric factors, clan history, prophecy, and other astrology too. Those names will be applicable for both females and males.

The nicknames are used by most of the Tabaxi tribes which were inspired or derived from full names. Usually, depending upon the clan’s territory and based on the location of the geographical feature, the clan names are derived. Please find below a few lists of Tabaxi names and their nicknames for reference.

Tabaxi Names – Cloud on the Mountaintop (Cloud), Five Timber (Timber), Jade (Shoe Qade), Left-Handed Hummingbird (Bird), Seven Thundercloud (Thunder), Skirt of Snakes (Snake), and Smoking Mirror (Smoke).

Tabaxi Clans – Cliffs of Bright, Rain with Distant, Tree on Mountain, Rumbling River, and Mountains that Snoring.


We are happy to inform that the above-provided information will help you to understand the Tabaxi Fifth Edition (5E) importance and their physical description. You can also know more about their common names, and traits of their races.

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