The Goliath 5E D&D (5th Edition) – Race

Importance of Goliath 5E (Fifth Edition): The humanoids of a nomadic race that native to the Toril mountainous regions are referred to as Goliaths.  They are also known as massive creatures and during the fight, they do not afraid of throwing their weight.

For any of the adventuring party, they welcome additions with powerful allies who can prove to be strong nomadic people and highly competitive (Referred from the Dungeons & Dragons 5E – Fifth Edition Player’s Handbook, Races of the Stone & Wizards of Coast).

Goliath 5e

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Goliaths were massive and their height is between 7 to 8 feet tall. They are even taller than Half-Orcs and Dragonborn.  Goliath’s above eyes are prominent supraorbital ridges or noticeably bony. The eyes are bright blue or green in colour and even sometimes they glow a little.


Goliath’s skin was extremely tough and often brown or grey (which is compared to stone colour). The Goliath’s distinct feature is that the entire bodies were covered with symmetrical or darker patches of their skin.

They believe that those markings can be controlled or explained their destiny or fate. Especially, for this reason, they thought that the tattooing themselves will affect their future.

Goliath’s skin was referred to as Lithoderms, the bony growths that litter. These growths can appear like the small size of a coin or studded pebbles of their head, torso, shoulders, or arms.

D&D Goliath Personality:

The most notable characteristic of Goliath is Competitiveness. Challenge is the main factor and saw that in everything.

Most often you get annoyed if you are not so familiar with Goliath’s psychology. The certain thing which had happened as to be reminded then for multiple times. Score-keeping is an integral part and their nature of life. Most of them are fierce competitors and love to overachieve their own records.  D&D 5e Languages

Goliaths after losing their fair fight, they never had grudges. If they do not surpass a victory by making use of the past then they fell dissatisfied often with anything.

The psychology proves that because of this reason, most of the older Goliaths are feeling unhappy about them and not able to achieve anything as they did in their youth stages.

The Goliath adventures are very rare about retirement or living up to old age since they died because of their previous achievements surpass. Most of the Goliath’s key aspects are Trust and Honor. D&D 5e Backgrounds

Goliath 5e Society:

The Goliath society’s key focus is the competitiveness. Forty or Fifty members live together in a small Goliath’s tribes. This can be made by Two to five expanded families.

The entire life of the most Goliaths lives in the same or particular tribes. They split themselves into small tribes if they have a large number of members added to the tribe. D&D 5e Random Character Generator

The tribe’s most capable members can be filled with the tribe’s key roles. Please find below the list of key roles:

Adjudicator – The disputes were settled by Adjudicator. If the disputes are not urgent, then he would hear the same after completing the evening meal. For sports or games, he will act as a referee. The chieftain can settle the disputes only if the Goliath 5E appeal is against the Adjudicator’s decision.

Lamentor – If the tribe member is too weak or old then the Lamentor has to determine his responsibility to serve as a productive tribe member. The individuals can be approached and the decision can be explained before consulting the same with the chieftain.

Tent-mother – The gender-specific role which is designated within the tribe and it’s her duties to serve as a wet-nurse. The chieftain chooses the Tent-Mother and she should be responsible for taking care of the toddlers and infants within the tribes and teaching them. The young Goliath has to decide before starting their contribution to serving the tribes.

Captain – The job was assigned to two captains and need to take care of scouting, gathering, cooking, and hunting.

Skywatcher – They are the tribe’s most experienced druid. Each Morning, the captain assembles the teams and Skywatchers are exempt from them. They well plan that the resources should not be over-harvested. Also, they oversaw celebrations, festivals, and rituals. Aasimar 5e

Chieftain – The tribe’s primary authority figure is the Chieftain. The decision for moving to the new lands will be taken care of by the chieftain. Also, he is the responsible person to select the other key role members in their tribes.

Goliath Feats:

The Goliath race has specifically following the three feats which are similar vein to their opponent racial feats (derived from the Xanathar’s Guide). A Goliath has the option to change their nickname after choosing from any one of the feats. Also, they can prefer to match the name from which feat they took.

Stonehands – The following benefits can be granted while your hands become strong enough to similar Mountain stone.

  • The target can be shoved and the maximum you can push it 10 feet away from your surroundings.
  • You can use to shove the target as a bonus action when you used the unarmed strike to hit a creature on your turn.
  • For damage, d6 was used by an unarmed strike.

Dawncaller – The sacred ways of Dawncallers should be learned. It is their responsibility to take care of their kin for the entire night and awake them during dawn. By doing so, the following benefits can be gained:

  • Exactly from 60 feet height, dim light can be viewed as bright light and darkness can be viewed as dim conditions. Only grey shades can be seen and other colours cannot be available in darkness.
  • A command word can be spoken as an action and it is used to awaken many numbers of creatures who are sleeping within 30 feet from your surroundings. Every awakened creature will stand up immediately without any expending movement.
  • While taking complete long rest, you can easily perform the light activity for 4 hours like standing watch, eating, talking or reading. Only for the next 4 hours, you can sleep.

Coldstrider – They have uncanny resilience against snow, ice, and cold. The following benefits can be gained:

  • The Dexterity saving throws will succeed you automatically from slippery ice (avoid falling prone). It can weight tolerance, especially on thin ice by reducing your weight to half.
  • You will gain no extra movement while travelling through difficult terrains that are made of snow and ice.
  • Cold damage might be the resistance for you.
  • The Constitution score will be incremented by 1 or maximum up to 20.


We are happy to inform that the above-provided information will help you to understand the Goliath Fifth Edition (5E) importance and their description. You can also refer their personality, society, and feats of their races for detailed information.

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